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No New Posts Until 2009

Just dropping everyone a quick note that I have been working hard on ideas for future posts. This past year, I was able to get over 80 posts and nearly 10,000 hits thanks to everyone’s great feedback and inspirational words. … Continue reading

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thinker; HHS student lit mag

It’s been more than a week since my last post because I wanted to leave the post about the Summer Reading Survey at the top of the blog to make it easier to find the link to that survey (hint, … Continue reading

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Summer Reading Survey

Please take a moment to check out the first entry in the “Major Links” column on the left of your screen. Clicking on that link – A Short Reading Survey – will take you directly to a survey that we … Continue reading

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Why I love “The Twilight Zone”

Keep in mind that this is a blog. And that sometimes I’m going to veer a little off topic … okay? And “enter a dimension of not only sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land … Continue reading

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