Welcome Back 2015 – 2016

Hello all,

I can’t believe we’ve already been back for three weeks … summer is starting to feel like a distant memory already, isn’t it? So, I really hope you had a fantastic vacation, full of great times that you will be able to use throughout the next 180 days (and counting) to refuel yourself.

To all of our returning faculty and staff, it’s great to see your familiar faces and I hope that you remember to call on me for anything you need. To our new (and newish) members, I say, “Welcome. I am your librarian and media specialist and I am here to help you in any way I can”.

Below you’ll find some information to remind you who we are and how we might be able to help.

Library Media Center Hours:     Monday – Friday, 7 am – 3 pm

Students that would like to use the LMC computers or space after-school, do not need to make an appointment. Many clubs, groups and other people book the library for meetings or other events, and students may be asked to leave.

Class Visits

The LMC has two PC computer labs. Lab one is around the “pit” and has around 25 working computers on any given day. Lab two is in the back of the LMC and currently only has 15 working computers, but we hope to add more in the coming weeks.

If you wish to bring your class to the library to use the computers, search for books or work in the “pit”, you must check the LMC log kept at the circulation desk. There is no online version of this to book the library.

Please call us (xt. 1143) to check if we have room to accommodate you and/or your group if you have NOT already booked an appointment with us in the LMC log. We love to see our space full of students, teachers, aides, counselors and everyone else who makes HHS a great place to work. But we don’t like to be surprised and we don’t like having to turn you away at the door if we don’t have room.

Study Students

Students who would like to use the library during their study period need to first report to their study class so that their teacher may mark them present for that period. Study teachers can then send up to four (4) students to the library for that period, with a signed pass of course.

Copiers, projectors, overheads, etc.

As the media specialist, I am here to get you through some of your frustrating technology encounters. I know how much our faculty and staff rely on copies, printouts and scans to get their work done, so please make sure you call me whenever you’re having trouble with one of our many Toshiba machines. Contact me if your local machine needs its toner or staples replaced, if you’re experiencing chronic paper jams, or if you get an error message of any kind.

I’m also able to assist you if you still use a television, VCR (what?), DVD player (huh?), overhead projector (why?), CD player/radio (how?), or other antiquated machine that helps you do your thing in the classroom.

Contact Information

School Extension:    1143

Henry Toromoreno, Head Librarian           htoromoreno@haverhill-ps.org

Barbara Sicard, Library Aide                       bsicard@haverhill-ps.org

Thank you for reading, and I hope you found something useful.


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