Search Engines

Not all search engines are created equally. Sure, Google is the biggest name on the block, but others are stilling trying to innovate how we search on the World Wide Web. Try something different and see if you don’t at least find a second favorite search engine.

  • Ask (still a good place for natural language questions)
  • Bing (Microsoft’s attempt to unseat Google as king of all things searchable)
  • Clusty (a derivative of Vivisimo, offers clustering categories)
  • DuckDuckGo (interesting new addition to the search world … worth a try)
  • Google (needs no introduction, I’m sure)
  • Surfwax (interesting search engine, worth a look)
  • Yahoo! Search (second largest database, after Google, of course)
  • Yippy! (another clustering search engine, like Clusty)

2 thoughts on “Search Engines”

  1. i am trying to locate two class yearbooks haverhill ma. 1965 high school, 1963 haverhill trade school can anyone help i have been everyplace even library. bill

    We probably have those yearbooks in the school library, but you must contact the main office to get approval to see them. They cannot be checked out, but copies of pages can be made with permission.

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