Video Resources

There is no easy way (yet) for me to find everything you need as a teacher, but these sites are full of reliable, accurate sources of information. Check to make sure you can stream videos from your CLASSROOM COMPUTER. Your home computer probably doesn’t have the same filters that block certain sites in the school. Good luck, and remember to share the things you find.

  • Crash Course (Brothers John and Hank Green & friends teach everything)
  • (not as good as it should be; programs like ice road truckers, really?)
  • Nature (great collection from the respected journal)
  • PBS Teachers (classroom resources and professional development)
  • Snag Films (independent site, many offerings … worth exploring)
  • Story Corps (Extraordinary stories, from ordinary people)
  • TED Talks (over 2300 inspiring, jaw dropping or otherwise informative talks)
  • Vsauce (Host Michael Stevens takes us on a curious journey of ideas)

7 thoughts on “Video Resources”

  1. Hi Henry,

    Resources for next year that you might be able to help with:

    – 5 Steps to a 5, AP Statistics, 2008 edition. We already talked about this one. A class room set of 30 would be ideal. If we can do it in increments, that’s good too. Next year I have 23 students signed up.

    – Video or DVD series “Against All Odds”,

    – A DVD player. I have a video player but find it less and less useful and frequently look to borrow a DVD players.

    thank you Henry


  2. Henry,

    Twice in the last year I have caught a short portion of a Discovery Channel (or History Channel?) episode of animated Algebra lessons – it was probably 5:00 or 5:30 a.m when I saw it. I have not had any luck finding information about it on line. Maybe you can help.

    thank you, Patti

  3. Henry,
    Your website’s functionality and resources are excellent. I’m glad I finally had a chance to explore it. I think we need to have you share this at a faculty meeting so more folks will send their students too. I hope you show all the freshmen during their library orientation.
    I’ll visit again.
    Thanks for teaching me about a feed. I enjoyed your book review of MC’s newest novel. Very cool! Maybe when I retire I’ll have time for blogging!

  4. Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate knowing what is useful and what works well. Let me know when you find something you think should be included or announced here.

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