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It’s been more than a week since my last post because I wanted to leave the post about the Summer Reading Survey at the top of the blog to make it easier to find the link to that survey (hint, hint). Time’s up, but the link will remain at the top of the MAJOR LINKS column until we collect enough data to make it useful. We’d like as many students as possible to take the five minute survey, so please visit the link and give us your feedback.

With that said, I would like to remind everyone to check out the thinker lit mag blog where you will find the latest postings of student art and writing. This year, the student lit mag staff has posted nearly twenty examples of Haverhill’s finest student artists, and I cannot begin to tell you how amazed I always am by the talent we have at Haverhill High. I highly recommend that you bookmark the site and visit weekly, as the staff aims to be able to post one new poem or short story and one visual piece per week. Anyone interested in submitting work for consideration for publication in thinker should send their work to

Here is an example of one student’s work which will be featured next week.


Self portrait, acrylic on canvas by MB

Thank you for stopping by and please visit the students’ site.

© 2008 henry toromoreno


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One Response to thinker; HHS student lit mag

  1. Tony says:

    MB has always been quite the artist…have you seen his earlier works? Worth a look!

    Yes … we have discovered that MB’s work is very impressive. Tell others to visit our site to see the work. Thank you.

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