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The World Wide Web as a Research Tool

               Last week I had the privilege of talking to three wonderful junior classes (two from Ms. Malbon and one from Ms. Sullivan) about using the web to do research for their school work. I wanted to remind them that … Continue reading

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Quick Hits: Interesting Stories

You know that I love a good story. While the tabloids are still talking about how dirty Tiger Woods and John Edwards are, and how awfully entertaining the immature and orange “kids” of Jersey Shore are, that’s not what I’m … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on MLK Day

              For most of us, the third Monday in January has become just another day off. Another day to sit around on Facebook, catch up on Twitter, clean up the house or get a great sale price on something else we … Continue reading

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Speaking of science …

Welcome back and Happy 2010 … so,                I was only thirteen years old when I first heard of Carl Sagan. He was an astronomy professor at Cornell University at the same time that my uncle was an undergraduate there, … Continue reading

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