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Considerations for Summer Reading

Now that summer is officially underway, it’s time for one of my favorite things which is summer reading. Of course we have the official summer reading lists for everyone and they are available at the Haverhill High School website. This … Continue reading

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Read any good books lately?

Yeah, I missed my Sunday deadline again, but I hope you forgive me, as I was out enjoying the sunshine with my family (I hope you were able to do the same). I am trying my best to pass along … Continue reading

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Midsummer Night’s Confession

I was only half kidding at the end of my last post when I said that I would be writing a list of Books I Wish I Had Read, But Probably Won’t. I checked the Modern Library list of top … Continue reading

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Summer Reading Recommendations

Ordering books for the LMC forces me to read a lot of book reviews, and it also makes me think about all the wonderful books I’ve read, and all the books I still have on my “to read” list. I’ve … Continue reading

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Summer Reading Lists Updated

We just updated the links on the Summer Reading Lists Page for all grades at the High School. We’ve also added two new links, “Social Studies Summer Reading” and the “Classical Academy Summer Reading“. To view the actual lists, you will … Continue reading

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