Book donations and web stories

……………I can’t believe it’s past the middle of November, but I hope everyone is having a good school year so far.  I feel like I don’t have any one particular thing I need to share with anyone who reads this, so instead, think of this as a digital cornucopia of websites, observations and other such goodies as we head towards the Thanksgiving Day Holiday.

……………If you haven’t already tried using the HHS OPAC, I’m here to remind you that we have nearly twenty five thousand titles in our collection and that we are always adding new books we acquire through purchase and through the generosity of our school community. Last week we were fortunate enough to receive three boxes of books thanks to Mary Sullivan and Melanie Kutschke who remembered the Haverhill High School library. The books were all in excellent condition and were evidently part of the research for a PBS documentary on Latinos in the United States. We want to thank them for the wonderful addition to our collection and encourage our readers to check out these books. Among the titles donated are:

As always, I run across many interesting stories that make me wonder and I’d like to share a few of these with you:

  • 10 Scientific Theories and Laws You Should Really Know: I love lists and this one is especially necessary in today’s modern day. Plus how can you top a list that has Newton, Einstein and Archimedes on it?
  • 10 Things we’ve learned about fat: I told you that I love lists. And I especially love lists where chocolate and bacon get to be the “good” guys. Although it kind of makes me wonder when we’re going to get the health information “right”.
  • Foods with 100 calories: This is the last list, I promise, and I include it only because I love food and I do all the cooking for my family. I would love to print out all 24 of these foods (in color, 8.5” x 11”) and make myself a giant laminated poster to remind me what constitutes 100 calories (But I won’t, of course). 13 large steamed shrimp or 43 Okra pods, you decide.
  • Artist creates faces from DNA left in public: I consider myself a lover of art and a supporter of science, but something about this story makes me think of the worst Orwellian horror multiplied by Kafka.
  • Writing by hand improves learning. I’m a scribbler and a journal keeper and a list maker. I collect random lost pens and have notebooks full of poems, stories, cartoons, line drawings and all sorts of other doodles. So of course, I am absolutely biased when I think about how valuable putting pencil or pen to paper is for your brain. These two articles (How handwriting trains the brain and Is Writing better than Typing) support my belief that there are other positive effects to learning by writing it down.

That’s all for now. I hope you have a great week and thank you for stopping by.

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Out with the old, in with the new

……….Hello all. I find it hard to believe that it is still September. By now, you’ve hopefully settled into a bit of a routine to help you navigate through the long school year ahead. Life in the library, thus far, has been as expected, with its bumps and starts.

……….Right now we are working hard to weed and restock our fiction collection, and we would like to invite you to check out some of our recent acquisitions. Among our new arrivals are:

……….The books that we remove from our bookshelves are usually deleted because they are either in really poor physical condition or there are multiple copies, but none are being checked out. We’ll keep these around near the entrance to the library and they are free to take home. If they are not adopted by anyone from our school, they will eventually be donated to various charities. Among the copies on their way out are:

Free Books
This is what 200 books looks like. You should have read at least this many books by the time you leave high school. Just saying.

 ………Do not fear, for we are keeping at least one copy of most of these titles (for posterity’s sake) but we need to make room for changes.

……….I would also like to remind teachers, students and others that the Haverhill High School library OPAC (Online Patron Access Catalog) is available for all to use at:

……….Finally, I would like to invite everyone to see the library media center as a welcoming place for academic work. Please bring your classes down to use the computer labs and feel free to ask me or Mrs. Sicard for assistance with anything. We understand that there are sometimes problems with the computers (logging on, finding documents, broken keyboards, trouble printing) and we are ready to deal with these and other worries you may encounter. We want to have the library media center full of students and teachers doing the work they need to do, and to this end, we try to accommodate everyone that asks to join us. We believe that a culture of work, high expectations and personal responsibility is infectious and that is what we are trying to create in the library media center.

……….We ask that teachers and students who have a free or study period, stop by to do their work somewhere in our library, so that by example, they might remind those who have forgotten why we are school, exactly what we’re supposed to be doing there.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great day.

 Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2013. All rights reserved.