September Quick Hits

……………The school year is rolling along and we have started getting many visitors to the LMC’s labs and other spaces. As may have already noticed, you cannot book the LMC Labs 1 or 2 through the online iSchool site. This is because there are still a few details that we need to work out. In the meantime, please visit us at the circulation desk to inquire about space availability in the LMC. Lab 2 is currently being used for MAP testing, so be sure to sign up as quickly as you can if you need to use lab 1.

 ……………While we plan on expanding the number of workstations in each lab to 35, this will still mean that our resources will be stretched during certain periods. We have students enrolled in Virtual High School classes, and in Writing and Engineering courses that require computers, so please make sure to call us at extension 1143 before sending a student to the library.

…………….On another note, we are very excited that we have started getting in our book orders and among our new fiction are:

……………I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that we’ve been expanding our graphic novel collection. Many students come in looking for popular manga titles, but we just don’t have enough money to subscribe to all of those. Instead, I select graphic novels that may supplement our curriculum and also offer students who enjoy the visual medium a way to access literature they might not otherwise read. This year, among the titles we’ve obtained are:

……………Of course, I am also always looking to expand our non-fiction collection. Especially nowadays, when we have so many exciting things happening that are connected to complex scientific undertakings, I believe it’s more important than ever that we graduate students who are aware of, and understand, what is happening around them. Fortunately, nowadays there are a number of capable and accessible writers who produce books that are great reads and informative, to boot. Here are some titles, we’ve recently acquired:

……………I also wanted the readers of this blog to know that I am currently checking and updating all the major links to this site, as the internet has changed and evolved in the five years since I started blogging. Already I have discovered a number of broken and outdated links, so my apologies to anyone who has come here looking for something, only to arrive at a 404. I will be more vigilant in the future.

Hope you find something interesting and useful, and thank you for stopping by.

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