How we can assist your classroom work at the LMC

              I don’t remember my high school librarian. I know there was one though, because I hung out in the library during lunch AND study, and I’m pretty certain that there was someone always telling me to quiet down. Sure, librarians are pretty easy to forget because they’re usually stoic and boring. No superhero, for example, has ever been a librarian. Clark Kent was a journalist, Bruce Wayne was a billionaire socialite, Bruce Banner and Richard Reed were scientists, Peter Parker was a student (for goodness sakes) and a photographer. Not a librarian in the bunch.

            It’s not surprising then, when people assume little to nothing about what it is you do. To most, the librarian is mainly a keeper of books; a person in charge of an inventory of material things, arranged on the shelves in a secret order known only to the librarian. In some ways, that’s true. No one knows what we have (and don’t have) on our shelves as deeply as we do. But we are also here to provide a variety of services to our students and faculty. In case you’re not sure (or have forgotten) about what services the LMC can provide, here’s a refresher list for you:

  • Computer time: There are many computer labs now throughout Haverhill High School and you can sign up for those labs via the new X2 schedule prepared by the wonderful Ms. Gauthier. To sign up for the LMC, you’ll have to come to the desk and ask for our calendar. Teachers can sign up for the computers around the pit (1) or the library lab (2). We ask that teachers test any websites they plan to use for class lessons on the actual library computers their students will be using to make sure there will be no unforeseen problems with filters, unloaded apps or other tech glitches that can ruin 40 minutes of learning.
  • Prepare a book cart for your class: Suppose you’ve planned a unit on Shakespeare or the Great Depression or the Salem Witch Trials or Famous Scientists, and you want books related to that topic. Maybe you want your class to select books for outside reading, but aren’t sure what titles are appropriate or even interesting. Give us at least a day’s notice and we can gather together those valuable print resources for your classes. Even if you don’t want us to pull all the books from the shelves, we can print you a list of all the titles that apply that we have in our collection, so that you will know ahead of time what kind of text resources are available to your students.
  • Help research and plan a lesson/ unit/ project: Print materials are of course, just one of the resources available to today’s teachers and students. The number and variety of available on-line “learning objects” staggers the mind when we consider how relatively new the internet still is. We can help you discover and integrate these educational resources into your curriculum. Whenever possible, we will work with teachers to gather and organize their materials for their lesson plans.
  • Media lab presentation: Teachers can schedule time in the library lab, where there is a video projector and six foot screen available for presentations. This is especially useful if you are trying to guide your students through a website activity, such as signing up for a account. (NOTE: Teachers please print out a class list of student log-in accounts from X2 prior to visiting the lab, as it will save you valuable class time). Remember that I am available to assist or lead presentations in the library lab.
  • Librarian presentation: I am available to lead presentations on a variety of topics and am willing to work with teachers to develop new lessons. Some of the lessons I have taught (using many titles) in the past are: Using Subscription Databases, Using the Internet as a Research Tool, Using the Internet as a Learning Tool, Introduction to Big Chalk’s E-Library, How to use Microsoft Powerpoint, How to use Microsoft Publisher/ Word, and more.
  • If you’re not sure about how to use or integrate technology in your classroom, stop by and talk with us to see if we can help. Of course, we do other things around here (like dusting, shelving, weeding, ordering, stacking, storing) helping however we can. So keep us in mind as a resource when you’re planning your school day.

Thank you for stopping by, hope you found something useful, and our extension is 1143, in case you need us.

 Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2011. All rights reserved.


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