Starting our professional development library

               One of the many projects that we’ve been meaning to start for a long time is the creation of a professional development library section for the LMC. In the distant past, there was a faculty lounge and library that was housed where Mr. Allan’s Jobs For Bay State Program is today. By the time I arrived in 2003, there was no longer a collection of books or other reading materials aimed specifically at the faculty and staff in that room, and since then, we have maintained that we need one.

               Of course, it has not been laziness that has delayed the development of this collection. The LMC has undergone many changes in my eight years. The doubling of computers for student use, and the expansion of technology use throughout the school, for example, have both impacted how much time I could dedicate to different projects.

               Another obstacle in preparing the professional development library has been finding adequate funding. While the budget line for book orders has remained fixed for many years now, the demand for new titles has increased. (Yes, students want NEW books!) Every year, there are also many “classic” books we have to replace due to theft, loss or aging, so we did not want to use money for professional development titles that quite frankly, might not get that much use.

               Over time, however, we have been able to collect, (mostly through donations from the Haverhill Public Library used book sales and from teachers), what is a modest, but decent beginning for our faculty library. Here’s a sample of some of the titles we’ve already added to this new collection:

               I’m not sure yet exactly how many books this new section will have, but I will keep everyone posted as it continues to grow. Besides the books, we still also subscribe to three professional journals: The History Teacher, The Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, and the Journal of Research on Technology in Education. We keep back issues of these periodicals, unlike with other magazines which we recycle.

               Finally, we would like to encourage teachers, staff and students to look through their own bookshelves to see what titles they might wish to contribute to this new section. Personally, I understand how attached some of us reader types can become to our books, but we ask that you consider the great benefit that your books will have for the larger teaching community at Haverhill High School.  Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have a great week.

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