Quick Hits for October

               Hope you’ve been enjoying the foliage. Autumn really is the best time to live in New England, isn’t it? Now that the driving and anti-texting law is in full effect, we can all go back to enjoying the ride to and from work. Is it illegal to snap pictures and video with your phone while you drive? (just kidding … don’t do that). I only have a couple of quick hits to share with you this week, so here they are:

  • Teachers, please check the calendar for available dates as the LMC will be used the first week of November for MCAS Retesting.
  • Thank you very much (again) to the 60 faculty members who filled out the AV Usage Survey. I hope to use the information to get people the equipment they need, and I hope to learn more about how they’re using it in their classrooms.
  • Recently, I wanted to hear something I wrote, but not in my voice, so I downloaded this little program called TTS Reader 1.3 for free from Softpedia. The voices were very robotic, but it did the job. I was able to listen to what I wrote and hear the pauses and stops, as I intended. It got me wondering how else I could use this little program. So, I taught my youngest son how to use it … now he’s typing in some of his own words and playing with various voices reading back to him.
  • If you’re like my oldest son, then you’ve probably lost a startup code for a PC game or two. One way to retrieve those misplaced digits is by downloading and using the Belarc Advisor. It’s easy to use and shows you what you’ve been missing.
  • I first mentioned SnagFilms.com in November of 2008 and said that the site hosted over 250 films. Two years later, the site claims over 1700 films, and since I don’t have any specific recommendations at this time, see if you can find something worth sharing there. I haven’t had success using it at school, so maybe you can snag it at home and bring it with you to school.
  • If you ever need a classic to read, check out ReadPrint, a totally free site claiming to host over 3500 authors. You’ll mostly find works whose copyrights have expired, but what a collection to have. You may find everyone from Aesop to Zola, but no one’s complete works are there yet.

That’s all for now. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great last week in October.

Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2009. All rights reserved.


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born in brooklyn, raised in queens, massachusetts, that's where I be.
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