Now that I have your attention again

You do realize that just because I didn’t post all summer long, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t stored a bunch of things I’ve been meaning to share. In no particular order, here is a list of stories that I found interesting, and would like to pass along:

BOOKS: I didn’t get to read many books this summer, but I did take note of some interesting publications.

  • Sunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers. Another book I haven’t read yet, but feel comfortable recommending because it’s written by a YA favorite. Mr. Myers has proven himself a worthy author in his previous titles like Scorpions, Hoops, Monster and the Vietnam War novel, Fallen Angels.

GULF OIL SPILL: Is it over? Did you see the live video feed that showed the oil pouring into the water? Where did all that oil go? How about these stories indicating we may have been saved by freaky oil eating microbes.

IS COLLEGE WORTH IT?: The Higher Education book got me thinking, are other people also talking about the high cost of college tuition.

TEACHERS, STUDENTS & THE INTERNET: In case you didn’t know, it’s not a good idea to put everything you’re thinking online. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from scrutiny or consequences.

  • Beloit College’s Mindset List: A list of the ever changing reality of the incoming freshmen classes’ world … archived and updated annually since 1998.


  • Meet Milo, the Virtual Boy via TED Talks: Cool and a little creepy. The quest to close the gap between the real and the virtual takes another baby step forward, with Milo, a virtual boy whose “mind” is constructed by interactions with the user.

Hope you find something interesting and thank you for stopping by.

Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2010. All rights reserved.

Author: htwilson

born in brooklyn, raised in queens, massachusetts, that's where I be.

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