Hello again, it’s been a while …

          Sorry that it’s been three weeks since my last post. I’d be lying to you if I told you that I’ve been working on something for you that whole time. I haven’t. I’ve mostly been reading stuff for myself and contending with the same weather that is driving you a little bit crazy right about now. I hope you all had a great February break and are healthy and ready to tackle the long stretch that is March.

          Anyway, I thought I’d drop in this week with another small collection of things I’ve been sampling since I last wrote. Here are my latest top 5 TED Talks: 

  • Seth Godin on the tribes we lead: Best-selling author and “agent of change”, Seth Godin talks about how people create, spread and implement ideas. Godin also explores the notion of tribes returning thanks to our many ways of connecting. The last part of the lecture speaks on the importance of leadership and of being brave enough to stand up against the status quo to start a movement … I think we could all learn a thing or two about that.
  • The Omnivore’s Next Dilemma: Fascinating talk by Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and The Botany of Desire, about how we can use all we know to create sustainable and environmentally conscious food. 
  • Yann Arthur-Bertrand captures fragile Earth in wide-angle: Using stunning pictures, audio and video, photographer and journalist Arthur-Betrand illustrates the vastness of the Earth – and humanity’s connections to it. The last portion of the video is a promotional for Bertrand’s 2009 film, Home, which you can view online for free. Before clicking to watch the movie, make sure to click on some of the images of the interactive globe. 
  • Dan Ariely asks, Are we in control of our decisions?: This presentation is for anyone who’s ever wondered why they make bad choices over and over again. Behavioral economist, author of Predictably Irrational, talks about how our instincts or intuitions often lead us astray. 
  • The Surprising Science of Motivation: Motivational speaker Daniel Pink presents his “case” for why we should rethink how we organize our businesses and create incentives for great work.

BONUS FIND: The Newseum site is one that I’ve recommended in the past as it lists over 100 national newspapers and displays the daily front page for easy comparison. Now this website has also created Newsmania, a currents events game, in the format of a multiple choice quiz show. It’s cute and I encourage students to use it at home to brush up on their general knowledge … In school, I’ll still consider it a “game” and shut it down (sorry).

Just a reminder for teachers and students that the LMC will be closed for MCAS testing all week. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find something worthwhile. See you all tomorrow.

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