Quick Hits: Interesting Stories

You know that I love a good story. While the tabloids are still talking about how dirty Tiger Woods and John Edwards are, and how awfully entertaining the immature and orange “kids” of Jersey Shore are, that’s not what I’m looking for. Scott Brown’s flash interested me for a Boston minute and I’m glad that KG is back for the Celts, but that’s not what I’m talking about either. I’m always looking for a story that makes me rethink what I thought I knew. Here’s a short list of my latest finds.

  • Kids Spend 10 hours daily on Electronic Media: I guess we all suspected that the kids were spending more time online and connected, but how much time is left for eating, bathing, socializing and homework. I wonder how much time we adults put in?
  • Ongoing Evolution May Explain Mysterious Rise In Diseases: This story is kind of depressing, and yet really fascinating. Basically, we’re this big fat petri dish for a bunch of smaller things that need a place to live, and we’ve been messing with the balance of things, while going about our business of trying to make our own lives better.
  • New Device Prints Human Skin: I take care of the copy room at our school, but I may have to upgrade my skills and certifications to work here.
  • Rice, alcohol and genes: Interesting post that discusses the connection between agriculture, alcohol and human evolution. Seems that fermentation may have produced our first energy drinks.
  • The Coldest Place in the Universe: In case you’re still worried that the Large Haldron Collider will eventually create a black hole somewhere on Earth, here’s a more local story that sounds like we could be creating Vonnegut’s ice nine in Massachusetts. Like it’s not cold enough here?


Growing Up In the Universe: (5 part series): Clear out five hours to watch this 1991 television program featuring a much younger and milder Richard Dawkins presenting his marvelous argument for the grand view of the universe opened up to humans through science. I can’t believe this is available for FREE on the Internet … I wonder how much longer that will last?

Thanks for reading and I hope you find something worth checking out.

Copyright © henry toromoreno, 2010. All rights reserved.


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born in brooklyn, raised in queens, massachusetts, that's where I be.
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