Ideas for mural project?

I have been working with a group of students Tuesday afternoons as part of the ASOST program to paint a mural in the hallway between the TV studio and the LMC. This project actually fulfills one of the “5 things I want to accomplish this year” from my assignment for Mr. Cosgrove’s class (posted 9/7/08), so it makes it extra special. I have always loved murals and I really want to do a great job on this task, thus I have been hesitant to simply draw a mural myself and have the students paint it.

 Getting input and ideas from my group of after school volunteers, however, has been somewhat under whelming, so far. After three weeks of meetings, some lecturing and brainstorming, what I have gotten from my team up to this point is one 2” x 3” sketch of the letters “LMC” in a graffiti style font. I have tried to inspire their imaginations by recounting the history of murals, beginning with the spectacular cave drawings peppered throughout the world:

cave paintings  

I have also spoken about the long standing tradition of public art throughout history being used to inform the masses and to record historic and/or religious events:

 religious murals

 Finally, I showed them the works of Diego Rivera, the artist whom many consider the father of the modern mural (and a personal favorite).

 diego man at crossroads

 Today, murals can be seen throughout the world, legal and illegal.

modern murals

Some communities, such as those in Philadelphia, have even embraced murals as a way of beautifying their hard hit areas.

philly murals

While I still have hope that my team of painters have more sketches and ideas coming, I can not simply wait for their input. That is why I am turning now to you, (the 12 or so readers of this blog) to provide some feedback about what you would like to see painted in that hallway. Keep in mind, that my artistic talents are fairly limited and that this is my first time painting anything in acrylics, and anything this big! Below you will find some samples of what the hall might look like with different kinds of murals. The mural that we intend to paint will be an original design, but it will draw inspiration in style and content, from other artists.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great Sunday afternoon. (GO CELTICS! … posted at 4 pm)

 hall mural ideas

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