Snag films, again

I know that I have already recommended Snag films, and I hate repeating myself when there is so much to be had on the internet, but sometimes, these sites are worth mentioning again because of the unique resources that you can find there. Such is the case with Snag films. Sure, many documentaries tend to be left-leaning, that is, they highlight the struggle between the powerful and the powerless. So be ready to see things from a left wing perspective when you peruse the titles. Still, many of the documentaries available here, I have never seen at my local Blockbuster outlet. I have returned many times to preview more of the films, to see which ones may be appropriate for school. Unfortunately, many of the documentaries do contain harsh language and graphic images because of the nature of the topics covered. Even recognizing these drawbacks, the fare available at Snag films is worthy of being brought into school for discussion. Our students today are bombarded and saturated by the corporate message, and they hardly ever have to think about things from a different perspective. The documentaries at Snag films, offer just such an opportunity. Some of the films that I recommend you check out (with discretion, of course) are:

  •  The American Ruling Class – Lewis Lapham, noted editor and essayist, narrates and follows the travels of two “representative” young college graduates who must decide, do they want to join the halls of power or work to save the world? An intriguing look into the underbelly of social class in the US. 
  • Book ‘Em: Undereducated, overincarcerated – An unflinching and candid look at New Haven, Connecticut and its problems in dealing with its youth. Are government policies and calls for local control pushing young people out of the classrooms and into our prison cells? 
  • The Future of Food – This is a disturbing and eye-opening look at the industrialization of our food sources. Learn more about everything that you are putting into your mouth, from genetically modified foods (GMOs) to plants that harbor a “kill gene”. Recommended for anyone who eats. 
  • Under Our Skin – The untold story of Lyme Disease and the explosive epidemic that has been below everyone’s radar and under our skin. Especially relevant to us here in the Northeast, as the snow thaws and the ticks reawaken. 
  • Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa – Take a look into the life of an eclectic community of society’s outsiders, struggling to preserve their own vision of the United States of America.

Hope you all have a great Sunday, a fabulous week off and plenty of sunshine. See you all soon and thank you for stopping by.

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One Response to Snag films, again

  1. Kris Newby says:

    Thanks for the nice review of our documentary, UNDER OUR SKIN. It’s especially relevant to Massachusetts, where cases of Lyme disease increased 109% between 2006 and 2007. (

    Kris Newby
    Senior Producer, UNDER OUR SKIN

    Thank you for commenting. As a school, we are always looking for resources that are relevant and informative.

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