First February Post

Welcome to the coldest and, thankfully, shortest month of the year. Seems like January came and went too quickly, no? It all passed much too quickly for me, anyway, and I was derelict in my writing duties for this blog. In order to catch up quickly, and get a number of disconnected items out of my system, I will use the tried and trusted bullet method.

  • February is Black History Month; a month-long celebration of the contributions to American history made by African Americans. We will have a collection of books around the reading area that highlight the diversity of the African American experience. Please stop by to make a suggestion or take home a book.
  • A big, “thank you” to Ms. Sullivan for recommending the ReadWriteThink.Org website. After a fruitless night of searching for a replacement for the graphic organizer program Inspiration, I learned from, Ms. Sullivan, that she uses just such a tool from the ReadWriteThink site. The essay map tool that she showed me and uses with her students is exactly the kind of graphic organizer that I was looking for. The essay map tool guides students through the steps of choosing a topic, three main ideas, three supporting ideas for each main idea, and finally, the conclusion.
  • A belated (and measured) “thank you” to Mr. Brandon for introducing me a few months back to a beautiful and addictive site called The Art of the Title. For anyone who enjoys deconstructing works of art, this website focuses our attention on the opening minutes of our favorite pastime – the movies. Visit with caution, as you may learn something about movie making.
  • The Lit Mag students continue posting entries on the thinker*lit*mag blog and are always looking for more submissions. Please send poems, stories, essays, and other works to The print version of the magazine should be ready by next Friday, February 13th and will be available for $1. There will only be a limited amount of print copies, so please e-mail Mr. T or the lit mag if you intend on purchasing a copy.
  • Thank you to Ms. Sullivan and Ms. Malbon for bringing their classes down for a Research Refresher lesson. All the students followed along and hopefully learned the value of Big Chalk E-Library.  (Hint: Sources are reliable and MLA citations are included with every article!)
  • We are open this week (except for TUESDAY MCAS TESTING) for study students to sign up. STUDENTS please remember that you can only sign up for LMC study before homeroom in the morning or after the last bell at 2:05 in the afternoon.

Hopefully, I can start writing this thing on a weekly basis again. Until then, thank you for stopping by and see you all tomorrow.


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2 Responses to First February Post

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for highlighting resources from ReadWriteThink. We are very proud of what we have to offer on the site! If you are interested, we pay educators in the field to publish lesson plans and share teaching ideas. Let me know if you would like more information.

  2. Tony says:

    Big Chalk E -Library is something I would encourage all to look into. I have avoided some aggravation and found many good things on that site, not to mention the email feature makes it even easier to acces at home.

    That is great advise from a testimonial. Thank you for your encouragement and feedback.

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