Before I forget …

Okay, it’s been quiet around the library this whole week because of MCAS testing, so you might figure that I would have lots of time to sit around and write a really meaningful essay or something about all that’s happened in November. Instead, I have taken the opportunity this week to go through the shelves to weed the collection of outdated, useless or otherwise trashed books. It’s a necessary evil in the library business. Before I forget, I would like to make a few announcements:

  • Volunteers are still needed for the HHS Fall Play, “The Dining Room”. They need people for the 14th (Friday) and 15th (Saturday) at 6:30. Those who cannot attend, can make baked goods for the shows. For more information or to volunteer contact
  • Mr. Cosgrove has begun collecting books for his “Books for Babies” campaign. You will begin seeing donation boxes for this event around the school. Treat them kindly and feed them well.
  • The HHS student Lit Mag is accepting submissions through Dec. 5th for the Winter Issue of thinker. Students can submit their work to Mr. T in the library or via email to New student work is posted weekly at the thinker blog, and we encourage students, teachers and parents to visit our site to see the wonderful work being done by HHS students.
  • “Books for Troops” is looking for donations to send to our men and women in service overseas. You can drop off books to Mr. T in the library or Major Workman in the C wing. (Thank you Ms. Gauthier for initiating this project).
  • The LMC hosts both Teen Talk meetings and the UN Team on Wednesdays after school, so you can pretty much scratch those off your calendars for future LMC events.
  • The library will be open for study students and visiting classes tomorrow, Friday, November 14th.

See you all for a great Friday and thank you for stopping by.

© 2008 henry toromoreno


  • Last Tuesday, November 4th something historic happened. Whatever your politics, no matter your beliefs, history was made.
  • This past Tuesday, November 11th we all had the day off. Whatever your politics, no matter your beliefs, in honoring our soldiers, we should all be as courageous as citizens as those who put on the uniform.

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