Quick Hit: Cool Time Wasters

I know, I know. I’m always telling the students in the LMC to get off of the game sites because they should be using their computer time productively. Yet here I am with a blog post claiming to direct you to “Cool Time Wasters”. Three things. It is Friday, I am home and all work and no play makes Jack (and Jill) a dull boy (and/or girl).

Truth be told, I probably waste more time online than any one you know (except for hardcore gaming junkies, which no one ever sees anyway). I still believe, however, that some forms of fun are better than others, and that having the world at our fingertips, we would be fools to not use that power occasionally to exercise our minds. I can hear you kids, now stop yelling “BORING!”

Here are two entertaining and thought-provoking sites that ask you to consider just how good your eyesight, and therefore perception, really is. First ask yourself if you think you can spot the middle of a line or the center of a circle just by eye-balling it? Seems easy right? The only problem is you can’t. But you can give it your best shot and see how you do at http://woodgears.ca/eyeball.

screen capture of ultimate flash face app

After you’re done being fooled by simple geometry, try your hand at sketching a familiar face. The Ultimate Flash Face  application from Lemondrop.com is a great little tool that puts the skills of the sketch artist in your hands. You can choose from ten facial characteristics, scale the features and move the items around to recreate any face you can imagine. No erasers necessary, and you can save or print your digital masterpieces.

So, it’s Friday. Have fun and thank you for stopping by.

© 2008 henry toromoreno


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