New lab in the library

I waited for three long years for it to happen, and then I forget to mention it here. That’s just how it is sometimes; the anticipation is so great, the delays make you lose faith, plans change, you forget about it, it starts to come true and stalls. And then it’s done. That’s what it was like waiting for another computer lab to be installed in the HHS LMC.

Thanks to the hard work and efforts of many people – administrators, tech workers and others who advocated for this – there are twenty five more computers available for student use in the LMC. This new lab is to be thought of as a “classroom”, even though there are no walls – kind of apropos considering the open 70’s design of our wonderful library.

That means that we can now accommodate two visiting classes at a time. That also means that we need everyone to realize how important it is to cooperate with each other in order to make sure that the LMC remains the academic center of our school.

Teachers who would like to schedule a class visit are reminded to check the calendar kept at the circulation desk. Here are some new LMC policies and a few reminders:

  • Visiting classes will be placed in the new computer lab first, to allow study students who signed up for the library and students with passes to use the other computers.
  • If two classes are scheduled to visit, the larger class will go to the lab, and the smaller group will use the other computers.
  • VHS students still get first use of the VHS bank.
  • If a teacher decides to cancel his/her visit, please call to let us know at xt. 1143.
  • Students are to remain SEATED until the bell rings.
  • Students are not allowed FOOD or DRINK in the LMC.
  • Four students to a table; unless a visiting teacher is allowing for group work.
  • Return all furniture to where you found it.

We truly appreciate your efforts and cooperation to create the kind of academic atmosphere that we believe is necessary for a successful library and a great school. Please remember that the LMC is now home to six directed-study classrooms, two computer labs, the VHS computer bank, the Jobs for Bay State program, and the library books. Yes, we still run the library out of that room as well. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we’re here because we are ancillaries to the mission that we are all carrying out in the school. But we are subordinate, in the same way that the heart is just an organ in the body.

Hope to see you soon in our new lab, and thanks for stopping by.

© 2008 henry toromoreno


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