Follett from your desktop

Isn’t the digital age great? No really, there are some fantastic advantages to our wired world. Sometimes, we just need to know more about what we can do digitally in order to appreciate it. Take for example, the little icon that appears on the Teacher’s desktop when they log in at school. (Students, will hopefully get this access soon when they log in, as Ms. Gauthier and the techies work it out). One of the often overlooked and misunderstood icons is the Follett icon. But it is a valuable and powerful tool that many teachers never realize is available to them.

When you double-click this icon you are connected to the HHS/ LMC database. That means that you can check out the entire catalog to see if we have the resources that you want for your classroom. No longer do you have to trudge down to the LMC (especially you A-wingers) to see if we have copies of your favorite nineteenth century romantic novel about social protocols or an educational film about the art and craftsmanship of the shaking Quakers (Shakers, to those of you in the know).

From your desktop, you will get all the information you need, including the call number, year of publication, whatever bibliographic information there is and whether or not the resource you are looking for is available. Never again, will you have to wait for Barbara or me to tell you if we have something. Now that you realize you have this power at your fingertips, I bet you can’t wait for Monday, so you can try it out.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend, and thank you for stopping by.

© 2008 henry toromoreno

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