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Thanks to the October 2008 edition of WIRED magazine, I’ve discovered another website that is bound to get us all into trouble at home and at school. Luckily, only a few dozen people a week visit this blog, so the word will not get out as quickly as it might elsewhere. Anyway, if you’ve never heard of don’t feel bad. I consider myself a little more than an internet novice, and I hadn’t heard of this one until the article by Frank Rose discussing how Hulu was born through a deal between FOX and NBC (strange bedfellows indeed).

It seems that the old media giants who fought against the age of clandestine file sharing that began in a college dorm with Napster, fought against copycats like Kazaa and Limewire, and are still fighting against the explosion of YouTube, have come around to realizing that media is a digital genie … once it’s out the bottle, it’s almost impossible to contain (and therefore, difficult to collect royalties). So Hulu represents the beginning of another stage of online media. And yes it’s FREE.

So what will you find at Think of it as YouTube with better quality videos and commercial interruptions. Or think of it as television on the internet. And not just old shows like they used to have on AOL.TV (Sorry AOL) when it first started – but current hot shows like Heroes, 30 Rock, the Office and Saturday Night Live. For someone like me, who doesn’t watch any primetime programming on the old networks any longer, this was a great find. I don’t have a DVR, TiVo or satellite television, but with a wireless broadband connection to the internet and Hulu, I can now see what everyone else seems to be talking about (when I care).

Unfortunately, you’ll have to endure the ubiquity of bad programming (you know I’m talking about you, Family Guy), but you can also find gems such as full length feature films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Inherit the Wind, Of Mice and Men, and the documentaries Split: A Divided America and Hoop Dreams.

Thank you for stopping by and keep your Hulu viewing at home. See you all on Monday.

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2 Responses to Internet Television

  1. zxvasdf says:

    That Hulu is fetching indeed but does nothing for people–like me–who rely on subtitles to completely comprehend the moving pixels on the screen. Thanks for the link though. Mighty foine find.

  2. ht says:

    ZXV, thanks for the feedback. I went back to see if the site had closed captions, but it doesn’t. That seems sort of silly that something that simple can’t be resolved. Please send HULU your feedback to let them know that they are missing out on a portion of their own audience by not providing CC. I will also be writing to let them know, but the more people they hear from, the quicker they will be to respond.


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