Massachusetts Poetry Festival

The First Annual Massachusetts Poetry Festival is a state-wide event that is scheduled for the weekend of October 10th – 12th. This unique program will not get the buzz in the paper that the first game of the AL championship will get. But it should.

This multi-faceted celebration is meant to pay tribute to the grand heritage of Massachusetts’ writers and their contribution to American literature. It is also meant to expose students and citizens to the living generation of writers who is currently voicing what it means to be living through these times.

The Festival was organized by the Cultural Organization of Lowell and will feature readings by Martín Espada, Marjorie Agosin, Robert Pinsky, and many others. A full schedule of events, including times and prices, is available.

For those who can’t make it to Lowell, the Festival organizers ask that you discover the Whittier House  right here in Haverhill. According to the Museum’s website, you should be able to visit any day that weekend from 11:00 a.m. – 4:30. Everyone is invited to self-guided tours of other sites throughout the state.

P.S. – I might take a half day on Friday, October 10th to read some of my own poetry at the open mic in the Lowell HS Auditorium at 1 pm. My wife is an English teacher there, and she assures me I can get on stage … we’ll see.

See you all Monday, and hope we have a great week.

© 2008 henry toromoreno


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