Time to talk about BOOKS!

I want to remind teachers to please send me requests for books ASAP. I am preparing a book order and would love to have feedback about what you would like to see added to our collection. I can’t guarantee any purchases, but I promise serious consideration for all suggestions. ALSO, don’t forget that there is a TEACHERS ONLY BOOK SALE @ the Haverhill Public Library on Tuesday September 23, 2008 from 3 – 5 pm in the Library Auditorium.

Continuing with the book theme, I mentioned in the September 12th post that we have been adding books to our shelves. All of these titles (except the Opposing Views and Issues on Trial titles) have been donated over the past year by teachers and our friends at the Haverhill Public Library. Thank you to everyone who has seen fit to give their books a second home in our library. Any books that we do not add to our own collection, we recycle in many creative ways, including putting them up for “adoption” by the entry of the LMC. Here is a partial list of new titles to our shelves (some with links to reviews at the Barnes and Noble site):


Opposing Viewpoints

  • China with editor David Haugen
  • Racism with editor Mitchell Young
  • Ethics with editor Tina Grant
  • Cars in America with editor

Issues on Trial

  • Students Rights with editor Laura Egendorf
  • Freedom of the Press with Rob Edelman
  • Reproductive Rights with William Dudley



Hope there’s at least one title in there that piques your curiosity. Thank you for stopping by and I will see you all on Monday.

© 2008 henry toromoreno

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