September reminders

Sometimes it’s hard to write a post because there are so many things to talk about that aren’t necessarily related, except that they all happened in the LMC. We had another busy week, but the full five days did not prove fatal. In fact, I thought that things went rather well and I’d like to share some of this week’s highlights, along with some comments and reminders.

  • Students started signing up for library study, and most have been using the time productively. I have seen many students working on homework, research and other assignments and would like to see that continue as it contributes to the academic atmosphere that is necessary for success. REMINDER: Students, please remember to sign up for library study before homeroom or after school. Teachers, please remember not to give students passes out of studies or directed studies to the library.
  • Ms. Hart’s and Mr. Coyne’s freshman English classes visited this week for their LMC orientations and like last week’s visitors, they were respectful and quiet … (I hope questions will come later this year). REMINDER: Any teachers of freshman English classes, please be sure to schedule your classes for their LMC orientation before the end of this month.
  • I hope I was able to convince Ms. Quinney’s senior students that they need to appreciate the difference between the Deep Web and the surface web when it comes to academic research. I tell every student that they need a public library card, even if they never check out a book. This is because the electronic resources available through the public library’s website are access points into what’s available in the Deep Web. REMINDER: The first three links in the left hand column of this blog are considered Deep Web resources and require a public library card number to access.
  • REMINDER: Get a public library card … did I already say that?
  • Mr. Cosgrove’s class once again blew wind into my sails. Their visits and comments to my previous post were the impetus for writing this entry. I haven’t written in five days, but not because I haven’t wanted to. I just didn’t have the energy. But reading the comments from THE STUDENTS drove me to say something new. I hope that they all strive to do great things this year, and the next, and the next.
  • REMINDER:Teachers please check the calendar at the circulation desk to schedule visits to the LMC. The dates fill up quickly and most of September is already booked. Be sure to plan ahead if your classes need books, computers or other library resources.

There were a bunch of other things that happened this week; good, bad, neutral. I showed a student how to solve an algebra problem involving fractions, though it took me two tries. I helped a couple of students find books about the Mayans, while others asked me about the Large Hadron Collider; all convinced that the end days were upon us. I recorded and passed along copies of CNN’s broadcasts, “McCain Revealed” and “Obama Revealed” to teachers that are working to prepare the next round of citizens. I also skimmed and cataloged a bunch of books I’ll tell you about later (next post, maybe?). I got a great parking spot and had a tasty homemade lunch every day this week, so that was a big plus. But I couldn’t help every one who asked me for help, so that was like double plus ungood. On Thursday, I streamed and projected live video, via the internet, of the many ceremonies being held around the country and especially in NYC, D.C. and Shanksville. Only a couple of people sat to watch more than a few moments, and even fewer seemed to care about what was going on. REMINDER: How quickly we forget.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

© 2008 henry toromoreno

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