Thanks, to everyone and …

… I can’t believe that was only four days! But before I give thanks, 3 announcements:

1. Starting Monday, September 8, 2008, we will begin signing up students for library study. We will:

  • sign up the first 20 students for each period (only before homeroom and after school).
  • take attendance at the beginning of each period.
  • deliver the sheets to the study classes.

Students may not get a pass from study or substitute teachers to go to the library. Please call (xt. 1143) if you have any questions.

2. Students have been picking up their English portfolios all week long and everyone has been efficient and respectful of the classes in the LMC. Teachers, if your English class has not yet picked up their portfolios, please be sure to schedule a visit this week.

3. All teachers should check the calendar kept at the circulation desk to book visits for freshman orientation, and/or to have classes select books or work on the computers. The dates fill up quickly, so earlier is better than later.

With that said …

It was a great week and I want to give thanks. While I can’t list everyone who made this week so awesome, I would like to especially highlight the following:

  • Mr. Cosgrove’s scribes, who have been giving me feedback all week long, and whose visits and comments on the blog have really motivated me to continue working hard(er) on this site
  •  Ms. Laws’ first year HHS students (welcome) who visited the LMC this week, and while I appreciated their respectful silence during my orientation presentations, I hope they will approach me later this year (or next year, or by senior year) if they need help with anything academic.
  • Ms. Medvetz’s researchers who are working on the only thing (besides this blog) I “try” to write, poetry. Hopefully we picked enough of a variety so that you will find some poems you learn to love … or at least some lines that you can carry around.
  • Ms. Barberio’s academics who collected their first round of books for outside reading and among the titles, were some the LMC staff’s favorites. We’d love to have readers write comments about books; maybe we’ll add a “tab” on the LMC site devoted to student Book Reviews.
  • All the teachers and students with classes in the LMC who have a shared home. C’mon, really … naming you all would be a list of its own.
  • And of course, Mrs. (I don’t have permission to print her name yet) for everything she does. Like we could get any of these things done without her. Please treat her well so that she doesn’t take off to Paris. (Seriously).

Next week is going to be a full five days I am told. I don’t believe that yet, but I’m sure that we’ll be ready if it’s true. Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend!

© 2008 henry toromoreno

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