Cosgrove: Part II: Wonder

I’m posting the second part of this assignment because Mr. Cosgrove gave me an INCOMPLETE, and I just don’t roll that way. I told you that I did the work, thus I won’t let it go to waste. I include links to every name I mention, so you can explore for yourself and learn more. Without further delay then, 5 things that make me “wonder”.

But first, I looked up the definition at and found out that it means, “to think or speculate curiously; to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel; the emotion excited by what is strange and surprising; a feeling of surprised or puzzled interest

  1. Consciousness – The nature of consciousness, and how we “make sense”, is no small deal. Great thinkers such as Descartes, Spinoza, Freud, Jung and other mental giants have tackled the question. Today, scholars like Steven Pinker, Daniel Dennett, and others still struggle to make sense of what consciousness means, and how it arises from the stuff we’re made of.
  2. Time – Like consciousness, everyone experiences time, and yet it is an elusive and mind boggling element of reality. Time, Einstein explained, is relative, meaning it can be altered by its surroundings – large objects, like planets actually bend space and time. But in our everyday lives, time seems more like a constant that marches incessantly forward.
  3. Other people’s stories – I love reading, not just fiction, but everything. Histories, biographies, stories in the newspaper and online … I love talking with and listening to other people explain something about themselves or recall a childhood memory that they carry around like a treasure. Other people bring me wonder because in their stories, in their language, what they say and how they say it – I hear the way they know the world.
  4. Nature & our exploration of its secrets – Nothing is more full of surprises than the world around us. Every time we think we’re done discovering, something new comes around to blow our minds. When I was about 10, scientists discovered geothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean – off the coast of my father’s native country no less! That same year, both Voyager crafts blasted into space to begin their exploration of the solar system. This past summer, 100,000 gorillas were “discovered” in the Congo. We haven’t landed humans on any other object in the universe since I was two, but we have rovers on Mars and have crashed into a comet and crash-landed on Saturn’s satellite, Titan.
  5. The story of humans – As a species, we have thrived and are the only mammal found on every continent. But times weren’t always so good. Some recent research suggests that at one point there may have only been 2,000 humans left in the world. Since then, we’ve rebounded and gone on to accomplish some awesome (and awful) things. So where are we heading next?

Even still … I know I have to post my list of things I want to accomplish to finish this assignment. But I did the work, and will prove it later. Thank you for stopping by and I will see you all tomorrow.

P.S. Notice, that I only used Wikipedia for the “definition” of each of my topics. For the other links, I tried really hard to find other “respectable” online sources. We’ll talk about it.

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10 Responses to Cosgrove: Part II: Wonder

  1. Chad Goudreault says:

    I am in mr.cosgroves as well my assignment was not as elobarite good job!

  2. Mr Cosgrove says:

    Mr. T you have given us real evidence of what exactly makes you so “wonder”ful. I absolutely loved the line – “recall a childhood memory that they carry around like a treasure”. That will be an assignment soon.

    The phrase “what happens next?” is also one of my favorites. The successful student in the 21st century will have a very curious mind. They will understand that answers are static and as you alluded to in your second wonder , time changes everything including the answer you so recently arrived at. The questions are never totaly ansered and there is always the “what happens next?” part to be dealt with.

    Student alert Come in on Monday with a piece of paper, upon which is inscribed “Time Changes Everything” for 10 extra credit points.

    Mr. T it occurs to me that this “blogging” that you do can be a really powerful tool to influence people and reach across the globe in the 21st century. And it makes me write and think, two things which leave me very satisfied. Thank you fo your blog.

  3. htwilson says:

    Senior Cosgrove, thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to read what I wrote …. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to know that someone is reading … I also love the feedback …. Yours and your students! Tell them that they have filled me with JOY and that I hope to continue conversing with them throughout the year, their HHS careers, and if we’re all lucky enough, for a lifetime.


  4. Melanie Shanley says:

    Mr. T, Great job on the second part of your assignment. I loved how you included links and had so much detail in your essay. The wonders you have are great! I have some wonders that you have. I wonder about the world around us and space too.

  5. Eleanor Clark says:

    Such detail in this assignment it’s so well done. You have included much in this essay. I too like to read, i like to read things like, autobiographies,fantasy,fiction,non-fiction,(etc). I love to learn new things from books. Mainly, i love to see the imagination put into fiction stories.Other than all that, this assignment is the best i’ve seen yet.

  6. trevor dyer says:

    Mr.T your the man. I completely agree with you. We share some almost similar views on wonders. I especially enjoy your consciousness wonder.

  7. Rachel says:

    Mr. T you did an awesome job on the seccond part of this assignment.

  8. Anya Alford CT1 says:

    Wow, Mr. t., what great things to wonder about. I agree, nature is a wonderful thing. Quite intriging,(sp?) isn’t it? Time is strange, too. It’s fun to speculate about anomales and such. Like, “what would happen if we built a time machine”?

  9. Ashley Moczo CT1 says:

    Wow great things you have said about alot of things.i also like reading other life story because it makes me think about the stuff other people are going through.i also like the nature and how it is to be very quite just thnking by yourself.

  10. derek wisniewski ct4 says:

    i lke what you wrote and i wonder the same stuff

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