Are you ready for the PSAT & SAT?

Now that the school year has officially started, it’s time to begin planning your calendars for academic success. Sophomores and juniors should be thinking about preparing themselves for the PSAT®, while juniors and seniors should be getting ready for the SAT®. Both of these standardized examinations have their critics and some colleges and universities don’t require that you take the SAT®. Many of the most competitive and exclusive institutions of higher learning, however, still use student scores from these exams to qualify students for both admissions and for scholarship considerations.

The PSAT is only offered twice, both times in October. According to my search on the College Board’s site, the only school in Haverhill that is registered to administer the PSAT® is Whittier Regional Vocational Tech which is testing on Wednesday, October 15th. If you are a sophomore or junior interested in taking the PSAT®, please ask your counselor how you can register. The fee is only $25, but depending on your scores, you may be qualified to be entered into the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) programs. For more information about what the NMSC programs and how much money you may earn towards college, visit their site here.

Juniors and seniors should be preparing themselves for the SAT® and SAT II® subject tests. These exams are administered throughout the school year, but there is a difference in price depending on when you register. It pays to register early to avoid fees, and seniors that want colleges to consider their SAT® scores should take the test before January. Below you will find a table that I copied from the College Board’s site outlining test and registration dates:

This information is taken from the College Board website. Check their site for changes.

This information is taken from the College Board website. Check their site for changes.

You can find more information and register online at the College Board’s site. There you will also find tips, practice tests and the SAT “Question of the Day”.

With all this information at hand, remember the words of the ancient Greek philosopher, Demosthenes, who said, “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.”

Thanks for stopping by and let’s all lay the foundations for a better, more rewarding tomorrow.

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