Online Tools: food and exercise

Maybe the Internet is becoming too useful. I’m starting to think I wouldn’t like to live in a world without it. Ok, that’s hyperbole, but it’s pretty close to how I feel. I mean, anytime I have to go somewhere now, I don’t worry about how I’ll get there. I simply get my driving directions online. And that makes me a luddite, because many people now have a GPS in their cars, or on their phones (powered by the internet).

But for me it’s not just about maps, driving directions, banking and other services that are available online. I find myself using resources on the Internet all the time, for tasks both large and small that deal with my life. Some of my favorite sites help me make sense of what I eat and drink and how much energy I need to put out to keep a healthy balance. Yes, having food and exercise information at my fingertips has become critical to me. Here then I share with you some of my favorite sites, all related to food, eating and exercise:

The Calorie CounterI am not a dieter (anyone who has seen my lunches can attest to this), but I am responsible for everything in my home’s refrigerator. I like this site because of its large database, its easy interface and how the results for any search are printed like the Nutritional Information Box we are familiar with from packaged foods. This site would be great for use in a health or cooking class investigating what’s in the stuff we eat.

Foodieview After I’m done worrying about how much fat and how many calories are in something, I’m usually pretty hungry. I love to cook, but I get stuck making the same things over and over again, so for a little inspiration I turn to the web. There are many, many, many sites for recipes (evidently lots of other people also like cooking, so why all the restaurants?) Other sites also have videos that go along with the recipes, but I know some of you still have dial up (Ms. Sicard) so I stuck with a text-only recommendation.

Exercise/ Activity Calculator Once I’m done eating (usually overeating) I like to reconcile my bad habits by figuring out how many calories I’ve used up. This activity calculator realizes that many of us count housework as “exercise”, and that option is available. A half hour of vigorous cleaning, for example, burns 220 calories; which makes me scrub harder. The 3 step interface is easy to use, there are over 200 activities listed, and you can finally figure out how many calories you burn during your half hour unicycling regimen.

Hope your eating is good and your summer is fun. Thank you for stopping by.

© 2008 henry toromoreno


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