Thank you for sharing

I am always thankful to others who share their finds and resources with me so that I can then pass them along to you. This week I owe science teacher, Ms. Willwerth, a great big thanks for her find, Teacher’s Domain. It is a reliable source, since it is hosted by WGBH educational foundation, which is associated with the public television company based in Boston. The site also has a link to resources at the National Science Digital Library.

I am also thankful to math teacher, Mr. Thakkar for reminding us all that he has created and collected a number of useful resources available to teachers and students. He maintains several sites and has a course catalog available and a blog about language.

Thank you also to Ms. Caradonna for reminding me to record the CNN Special on April 3rd about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I also recorded the two-hour special that aired this weekend on the History Channel. Copies should be available for one-time educational use. Thank you for stopping by.

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