tv programs, Mar 31 – Apr 5

Get your VCRs ready. Here is another small sampling of upcoming programs that may be of interest. All descriptions are lifted (mostly) from the original programs’ websites. Enjoy!

Discovery Channel

Assignment Discovery airs M-F at 5 AM and covers a variety of subjects. Intended for students in grades 6-8, all programs cover intermediate concepts in each of the topics:

  • M, 3/31/ Computation Part 1
  • T, 4/1/ Computation Part 2
  • W, 4/2/ Intermediate Probability
  • Th, 4/3/ Exploring Algebra Part 1
  • F, 4/4/ Exploring Algebra Part 2

Sunday 4/6, 2008, at 8 PM/ People Power: Dr Zahi Hawass and a team of leading archaeologists have selected the ten most important discoveries in Egypt. From major battles, to mega-construction, the discoveries uncover the amazing stories of the lives of kings, queens and ordinary people. (Repeats 4/7 @ 12 am)

Sunday 4/6, 2008, at 10 PM/ Why Ancient Egypt Fell: The fall of Ancient Egypt, some 4,000 years ago, has long baffled the world. How could such a powerful Empire collapse so entirely? (Repeats 4/7 @ 2 am)

National Geographic Channel

Tuesday, 4/1, at 1AM/ Inside the Green Berets: Join the Green Berets in Afghanistan for a rare and intimate look at the sacrifices, challenges and deadly risks that American soldiers at war face every day. The Pentagon allowed NGC special access to these war-hardened Americans for 10 days.

Tuesday, 4/1, at 8PM/ Naked Science/ Our Atmosphere: Explore the scientific marvel that is the Earth’s unique and complex atmosphere. We investigate how this thin but vital blanket of air, the equivalent thickness of a lick of varnish on a model globe, came about.

Wednesday, 4/2, at 1PM/ Explorer/ Last Days of the Maya: What caused the sudden demise of the Maya in Central America 2,000 years ago? Human skeletons discovered in a cistern may hold the key to one of the greatest mysteries of the ancient world.

Wednesday, 4/2, at 3PM/ Explorer/ Alaska’s Last Oil: The world is addicted to oil. But now the easy pockets of oil are gone and the race is on to find new sources. Nowhere is the battle more intense than in Alaska – source of nearly 15% of America’s domestic production, and home to the nation’s largest wildlife preserve, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, where companies are pushing to drill. EXPLORER asks how far we’ll go to find every last barrel, and at what cost.

Wednesday, 4/2, at 4PM/ Explorer/ Most Dangerous Drug: Methamphetamine is one of the hardest drugs to quit. Its abuse is ravaging rural communities and cities alike. NGC correspondent Lisa Ling goes inside this global epidemic to find out what makes meth so addictive and destructive.

Thursday, 4/3, at 1PM/ Money Factory: Money. Everyone wants it, dreams of it and schemes for it. Find out how U.S. currency is made, faked and protected, and meet the mastermind behind one of the biggest counterfeit jobs in U.S. history.

Saturday, 4/5, at 9PM/ Fishzilla: Snakehead Invasion: It’s got teeth like a shark, a taste for blood, and even walks on land. It is an insatiable alien predator that can obliterate the food chain and overpower native life. Scientists are sounding the alarm. But can anything stop it?

The History Channel

Monday, 3/31, at 11AM / Organized Crime: A World History: Russia: With the fall of communism, a rapacious new gangster class arose from out of the former Soviet Republics and became criminal millionaires. We cover the Redfellas evolution–from roots in Imperial Russia to shocking global reach today.

Monday, 3/31, at 1PM/ Modern Marvels/ Fertilizer: Fertilizer–without it two thirds of the world would starve. It makes our lawns grow greener and our crops grow taller. Take a tour of the places where the essential nutrients that feed the soil are harnessed. Dig deep in a phosphate mine, sniff around a sewage treatment plant and get dirty in a trough teeming with seven million worms. Finally, learn about a war that was fought over the control of bat poop!

Tuesday, 4/1, at 7AM/ Glorious Rome/ Capital of an Empire: Art, aesthetics, literature, theater, law, city planning: These are just a few of the debts owed by Western civilization to Rome, the glorious capital of the greatest and most powerful empire that the world has ever known. Take a tour of this vast metropolis as it was during its peak, and see it through the eyes of the Roman citizens of the time. State-of-the-art technology, coupled with enhanced 3-D graphics, allows viewers to explore the architectural treasures as only the Romans could.

 Tuesday, 4/1, at 5PM/ Breaking Vegas: They were “Whales”–the highest of high rollers. Treated like royalty by casinos worldwide, they won millions throughout the early to mid-1990s. And nobody had a clue that they were MIT students, part of an underground blackjack team–card counters who used mathematical wizardry to win. In this 2-hour special, we chronicle the true story of the rise and fall of the MIT Blackjack Team, featuring interviews with Ben Mezrich, author of Bringing Down the House, casino executives, security experts, and actual members of the team.

Wednesday, 4/2, at 7AM/ Modern Marvels/ Panama Canal: Chronicles one of the most incredible engineering feats of all time: construction of the 51-mile canal that took 10 years to build and employed over 40,000 workers, 6,000 of whom died of yellow fever, malaria, and other horrors. An earlier, 9-year attempt by the French ended in failure and cost 20,000 lives.

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