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Oh my goodness! What kind of a library blog am I writing here, anyway? I have posted nearly thirty times over four months now and have not written a single blog entry about books. (Actually, the AP materials were mostly books, but that takes away from the irony I am trying to build). Thanks to a vigorous stream of contributions from teachers and staff (retired and current) and our good friend, Mike Hutchinson, at the HPL, we are always expanding our HHS collection. Sure, the titles aren’t current best sellers or fresh from the press, but there are many fantastic (or mildly interesting) books that make it into our shelves. Here’s a brief list of recent additions we’ll have on display for a few weeks. Now’s your chance to grab them before they get shelved and lost forever among the more than 30,000 volumes that we have. The links below will take you to a review at another site. Stop by the LMC and take a new addition home for the long weekend.

* I cheated on Persepolis. We actually added that title last fall. I thought I’d remind you because it’s a graphic novel written by a woman who lived through the Islamic revolution in Iran (1970s). It’s been compared to Spiegelman’s Maus and is being made into a movie (if any of that means something to you). I just read it and recommend you check it out.

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