The Mind, from PBS Video (1988)

It’s hard for me to believe that 1988 was twenty years ago, but it was. Few videos made that long ago, especially those dealing with science, are worth watching. PBS’ nine part series, The Mind, however is one of those rare exceptions. Each episode is an hour-long probe into an unique aspect of the human mind, such as development, aging, pain and healing, addictions, language, and thinking. There is also a companion book (which we have in the LMC) by Dr. Richard M. Restak that covers the same material outlined in the videos. After watching three, hour-long episodes, I have decided to add the titles to our library catalog because I found the information to still be accurate. (These videos were donated by a teacher, not purchased). Granted, technology has made HUGE advancements in the last two decades, but much of the information covered in the videos is about things that have not changed too radically; such as the names and functions of certain brain regions and brain structures; the biochemical nature of neuro-transmitters and synapses; and theories of language acquisition. Sure the grainy CAT scans, blurry MRIs and green computer screens obviously date the documentary, but I thought that there were still “nuggets” of information to be had. I invite those of you who teach health, biology, psychology, or any other remotely connected subject to preview the tapes and let me know if I should keep them in our catalog. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your professional feedback.

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17 Responses to The Mind, from PBS Video (1988)

  1. I would LOVE to find a copy of this series. I taped the entire thing – it is what made me go to college and get a degree in Neuroscience. However, I let the video series to my dad and he lost it and now I can’t find it!!! I have told the stories from it to tons of my students and they love it but I can’t show them the video!

    PLEASE if you know where it is and how I can get a legal or illegal copy, I’ll gladly pay well for it!

  2. francie lopez says:

    I was required to watch this video for a child development class in college. I was particularly fascinated with the 7yr old boy inventor named michael. Does anyone know where he is now and what he has done with his life. I was just interested to see how he turned out.

  3. Jon says:

    I saw this video in class today, and it blew me away, and solidified so much my interest, will, and determination to finish my Psychology major at UCLA strongly so I can delve into these questions myself.

    A great video, please direct me where to find a copy, local library doesnt have it, but I would like my own copy to keep so I can look back and find my inspiration again in case I ever need it, or just to show to friends and family!

  4. Sean Morgan says:

    I saw a couple episodes of this series during my junior year in high school and they were without a doubt the most fascinating things I have ever seen in my life. I was so inspired that I now want to pursue an MD and become a Neurologist or even a Neurosurgeon. That’s a long way from now but these videos have given me more than enough reason and motivation to fuel my dream. I wish I could locate the rest of the series!

    Call PBS and see if they have it available for purchase. Keep that mind alive!

  5. Kristin says:


    I am a Librarian and was considering withdrawing – for several reasons – but copyright date was the first. Thanks for review. I only have 4 of the episodes, but now (after reading the reviews posted here) will keep them in my Library.

  6. Jeannie Ghelardini says:

    I was actually in this series as a child. I was one of the chess players from the Bronx. If you know of any way I could obtain a copy of this series I would appreciate it greatly. I have not been able to find it and have been searching for years.

    Very cool … If I find out how to get a copy, I will most definitely be in touch.

  7. Janie Martin says:


    I have been searching for years now to be able to see again the 9 part series from PBS on the MIND and there was one also on the BRAIN in those same 1988 year. It is really important for my study in regard to the mind. I remember some important things in it that I am trying to put together in regard to EGO STATES or as we know in Hypnosis as Parts Therapy.
    Thank you,
    Janie Martin

  8. Janie Martin says:

    So how much and where do I obtain a copy of the old series from PBS The Mind?
    Janie Martin

  9. Tushar says:

    Is the series still on the website ? I have been dyind to watch this series and have been looking for it since really long.

    It is brilliant and truly remarkable.

    Thanks !

    • Janie Martin says:

      I requested the video mind series a long time ago. I keep getting this page sent to me but it offers no solution that I can find as to how to get those and also The Brain series.

  10. Kathleen says:

    I have been looking for a copy of this for year’s-mainly the one on pain. I use it for a class I teach on pain and it is excellent. Right now I check it out of our university library but would love my own copy! Any ideas?

    • Janie Martin says:

      HI Kathleen:
      Well at least you are lucky that you can even check out the series!! None of the libraries here seem able to get it for me and do not find it listed. I live in Oregon. if you live on the East coast you probably have a better chance than I do to obtain copies. I want so much to see them again for some some importand reasons. I am a Hypnotherapist and into a lot of other things that series would support some of my findings. It might help me to know what library you are able to check them out from.
      Thank you
      Janie Martin

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