Earth without us?

Everyone seems to be freaking out lately about the possibility of an Earth without human beings. (Ok, so the theme’s not original). Something’s been out to get us, it seems, from just about every angle possible since the beginning of recorded history. The Sumerians suffered through the Epic of Gilgamesh (grampa, I’ve heard this one) the same way we had to watch the Omega Man, Waterworld and I am Legend.

But in most traditional stories, humans (or at least one human) survive. Some of the new “stories” being told, however, put forth the possibility of a world without human survivors. Ever the crowd pleaser and optimist,  National Geographic will go one step further on March 9th at 8pm and show you what this vision looks like. The prospects are not good, of course, for our own interests, but the program is probably a fairly accurate prediction of what the world will become after there’s no one left to turn on the lights at Fenway.

The program also has an interesting companion site at:  AFTERMATH: POPULATION ZERO

Armageddon on your nerves?

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