tv programs, Jan 28 – Feb 2

Get your VCRs ready. Here is just another small sampling of upcoming programs that may be of interest. All descriptions are lifted (mostly) from the original programs’ websites.

National Geographic Channel

 Friday, 2/1 at 10 PM/ Is it Real? Ghosts: A security camera captures an image of something floating over a junkyard. Disembodied voices are caught on tape. Wisps of ectoplasm and strange orbs of light show up in photographs. Countless people claim to have seen ghosts, but are they just suffering from an over-active imagination? Follow scientists who examine the most haunted places in the world, and consider the most compelling evidence for ghostly visitations with paranormal detectives. .

Discovery Channel/ Assignment Discovery

airs M-F at 5 AM and covers a variety of subjects. Here’s a sample of what they offer.

Tuesday 1/29/ Cold Case: Adverbs: Join four “pentastic” animated heroes in learning about adverbs, spelling errors, and capitalization.

Wednesday 1/30/ Panic in Peru: Pronouns: Join four “pentastic” animated heroes in learning about pronouns, adjectives, and verbs.

Thursday 1/31/ The Posse in Australia: Punctuation: Join four “pentastic” animated heroes in learning about punctuation, root words, and nouns.

Friday 2/1/ Pressure and Stress : Recounts the many forms of stress teenagers face and discusses the decisions they make each day that affect their overall health.

Discovery Channel

Saturday 2/2, 2008, at 6 PM/ Behind the Great Wall: From the terror of the Mongol raids in 1550 during the Ming dynasty, inspired by the genius of China’s greatest military leader Qi Jiguang, the two-hour film traces the story of the greatest engineering feat of the age. (2 hours)

The History Channel

Monday 1/28 at 8PM/ Cities of the Underworld: New York: The underworld of New York City is a living, breathing complex of engineering, history and secrets that could only exist in America’s largest city. From a classified World War II site where death awaited unfortunate trespassers to the original rivers and aqueducts that led to this great city’s ascent, New York City may just have more stories below ground than it does above. Join host Eric Geller as he braves this massive urban labyrinth where the past, present and future collide.

Tuesday 1/29 at 11PM/ Modern Marvels: Nature’s Engineers: Towering skyscrapers buzzing with life, intricate tunnels connecting entire communities, mighty dams that tame the wildest rivers–this is construction animal style! Take a walk on the wild side as we investigate common creatures seemingly designed to alter their habitat and remake the world. Our ability to learn and capacity for abstract thought may separate us from beavers, honeybees, birds, termites, and spiders, but these engineers of nature remind us that we’re merely the latest in a long line.

Wednesday 1/30 at 7PM/ Modern Marvels: Bedroom Tech: We spend one-third of our lives in the bedroom. Explore the technologies that help to ensure we wake up on the right side of the bed. Check out ancient Chinese fire clocks, today’s flying alarm clock, big city napping pods, snore stoppers and sunrise simulators. We’ll explore sleeping disorders and delve into the creepy world of those blood-sucking midnight snackers, the bed bugs!

Friday 2/31 at 8PM/ Modern Marvels: Batteries: Mixtures of metals and caustic chemicals that make our tech, tools and toys surge with energy. Visit the world’s most powerful battery in Fairbanks, Alaska – 13,760 hulking cells humming with 5,000 volts (Don’t touch it!) ready to help the city survive power outages. Then it’s off to Energizer’s mammoth North Carolina production facility to see how machines churn out one million D-cells every day. We’ll show you the ingredients that manufacturers pour into it. And we don’t forget nanobatteries–those microscopic marvels that may some day power nanorobots.

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