tv programs, Jan 3 -11

Get your VCRs ready. Here is just a small sampling of upcoming programs that may be of interest. All descriptions are lifted (mostly) from the original programs’ websites.

National Geographic Channel

Tuesday 1/ 8 at 9 PM & 12 AM/ How It Was: Shooting of Ronald Reagan: TV had a front row seat in 1981, when John Hinckley Jr. shot President Ronald Reagan. Watch as NGC takes a fresh look at both the eyewitness accounts and the remarkable video of the assassination attempt, taken by three different network cameramen.

Wednesday 1/9 at 9 PM & 11 PM/ Explorer: Science of Evil: We think we know evil when we see it, but do we really understand what makes someone evil? Travel into the trenches (a max security prison, a war torn country, and a brain research facility) to try to understand what causes evil. Includes discussion of Prof. Philip Zimbardo’s infamous Stanford Prison Experiment which shed new light on the seemingly universal potential for cruelty.

Thursday 1/10 at 1 PM/ Naked Science: Telepathy: Can people read your mind? Fact or fiction? Naked Science examines tales of telepathy. There are many unusual claims of people knowing what they shouldn’t be able to know even when they are on opposite sides of the planet. But is this just coincidence?

Discovery Channel Assignment Discovery

 airs M-F at 5 AM and covers a variety of subjects. Here’s a sample of what they offer.

Thursday 1/3/ The Diversity of Plants: Pt. 1: Go beyond the basics with this detailed look at the plant kingdom. Begins by showing students the basic taxonomic classifications of plants.

Friday 1/4/ The Diversity of Plants: Pt. 2: Go beyond the basics with this detailed look at the plant kingdom. Expands on the taxonomic classifications of plants.

Monday 1/7/ Mathematics: Finding Solutions: From representative pictures to organized lists to whole number models, introduce young students to basic strategies for solving problems.

Tuesday 1/8/ Mathematics: Numbers and Measuring: From the concepts of adding and subtracting to strategies for estimation, introduce young students to the basic procedures of computation.

Wednesday 1/9/ Mathematics: Shapes and Patterns: From geometric shapes to spatial language to creating patterns, introduce young students to the basic properties and concepts of geometry.

Thursday 1/10/ Mathematics: Problem Solving and Reasoning: By reviewing the many ways we use numbers in our daily lives, introduce young students to basic concepts about the general nature and uses of mathematics.

Friday 1/11/ Mathematics: Multiples and Types of Numbers: From prime and composite numbers to fractions and decimals to number models, introduce elementary students to more advanced properties and concepts of numbers.

Discovery Channel

Monday, January 7, 2008, at 8 PM/ The Mystery of the Human Hobbit: It was the most striking scientific discovery of last year. An entirely new species of mini-human found on an island in Indonesia. Is the hobbit a new species that transforms our view of evolution, or is it simply a very small, modern human being?

Wednesday 1/9 at 1 pm/ Conspiracy Test: The Oklahoma City Bombing: After the Oklahoma City bombing, the FBI launched an exhaustive investigation which led to the conviction of Timothy McVeigh. Conspiracy theorists dispute the FBI’s account, citing evidence that multiple bombs and multiple terrorists were involved.

The History Channel

Monday 1/7 at 7PM/ Modern Marvels: Weapons of Mass Destruction: From nuclear bombs to anthrax spores, we reveal who possesses these nightmare weapons and explore the danger posed by terrorists with deadly technologies. Weapons of mass destruction have made the world a dangerous place but we will find out how technology can assist us as we strive for lasting solutions.

Tuesday 1/8 at 10AM & 4PM/ Modern Marvels: ’80’s Tech:Brick” cell phones, Pac-Man, Rubik’s Cube, Sony Walkman, and the first music CDs. All these new gadgets were born in the 80s. Join us as we investigate the transition from Industrial to Information Age–a digital decade dedicated to ergonomics and entertainment. The microchip ushered in an era that revolutionized the way we work, play, and communicate.

Tuesday 1/8 at 8PM/ The Universe: Alien Planets: Astronomers have now discovered over two hundred alien worlds, beyond our solar system, that were unknown just a decade ago. Among these weird worlds, Earth actually seems like the oddball with the right conditions for life.

Wednesday 1/9 at 7AM/ Modern Marvels: Power Plants: From Edison and Tesla to Fermi and Einstein, the world’s greatest minds have enabled us to acquire our light, heat, and power with a simple flip of the switch. Join us for an electrifying hour as we review the foundation for all of this — power plants.

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