Sit in at Yale, M.I.T

Wonder what it’s like to be a student at Yale or M.I.T? Well now you can at least “sit in” on some of the classes at these two prestigious institutions. Yale has started offering its entire curriculum on-line, just as M.I.T has done now since 2002  via its Open Courseware program. You’ll find a number of interesting, albeit esoteric, courses at either of the universities’ sites. Included in the offerings are course overviews, lecture notes, reading assignments and in some cases, full audio and video. Granted, you won’t get a degree from the great schools this way, but you can certainly get an education. And, there’s no mortgage-sized student loans to pay off at the end. For teachers, these courses offer them a chance to have a “guest lecturer” streamed into the classrooms. For students, this is an opportunity to see how much learning there is to be had. Here’s just a few of the videos I ended up watching:



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