Favorite Sites List 1

I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with a whole bunch of links that never get looked at, but I would like to share some of the sites that I find either interesting or useful as an educator. 

OWL Center at Perdue: The webpage for the Online Writing Lab at Perdue is a clean, easy to understand site with shortcuts to valuable resources for writers and instructors. Especially useful are the links to MLA formatting and creating an outline.  

The Citation Machine: Perhaps the most incredible thing to happen to academic paper writing since the invention of the correction ribbon, the citation machine is just one more way to cut out all that thinking your students shouldn’t have to do. Where was this when I needed it? Word of caution: I haven’t tested the newest version, so I recommend that you do. 

Live Science: This is one of my favorite “science” websites because it is really at the intersection of science, culture and news. Besides the latest science headlines, you’ll also find a number of top ten lists here, such as 10 urban science myths, 10 ways weather changed history and 10 of life’s little mysteries. 

Bartleby: Imagine having a bookshelf with the most respected reference resources at your fingertips. That is just what this site offers. Available through this site are the complete Oxford Shakespeare, the CIA World Factbook, Gray’s Anatomy, King James Bible, Columbia Encyclopedia, Bulfinch’s Mythology and Bartlett’s Quotations to name just a few.  

Planet 10 Interactive Simulator: What if you were in charge of designing a planet? How large would you make it? Would it rotate quickly or slowly? How about designing a whole solar system? How many planets would you have? Answer these questions for yourself in this fascinating (but hardly applicable) online simulator.  

Interactive periodic table: I don’t know much about chemistry, but I do like periodic tables. There is something sexy about Lanthanides/Actinides, and the whole ionization energy associated with elements (don’t get me started). This one table is sometimes hard to makes sense of (for me anyway) but always fun to look at.

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